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Request my key/ Register my key

By On 15/12/2021

Request my key


* On the main menu of Absolute Tennis Manager, click on the button at the bottom right 'COMPLETE VERSION'.

Version complete

* Fill in the information in this part of the window:


* Click on the 'Validate' button. An email will be sent to the ATM team who will return your key once your payment has been made.


Register my key:


* On the main menu of Absolute Tennis Manager, click on the button at the bottom right 'COMPLETE VERSION'.

Version complete

* Enter the key you received by email once your payment has been made:


* Click on the 'Validate' button to permanently unlock Absolute Tennis Manager.


Know the version of ATM that I own

By On 07/12/2021

To find out which version of Absolute Tennis Manager you own, follow these steps:

Connaitre sa version 1* Go to the game’s main menu and click on the 'About' menu.

Connaitre sa version 2

* Then consult the version at bottom of the screen.



You have a screen size problem

By On 02/12/2021

If you find that you cannot see all the information on your screen, here are 2 ways to solve the problem:

1. Use the 'Full Screen' button on the Absolute Tennis Manager home screen

2. You can change the resolution of your screen by selecting the larger one by:

Aide installation resolution ecran

Aide installation resolution ecran 2

Manage your calendar well

By On 16/11/2021

There are several considerations when managing your annual calendar.

(First of all, of course, you don’t have to complete your calendar at the beginning of the year. You will always have the opportunity to register for a tournament 2 weeks before its Cut
(the Cut of a tournament is the date on which the registrations are stopped, and on which the organizers retain the best players registered in relation to the number of places available).

Then you can make the choice to take risks: imagine that your Technical Ranking is possibly enough for you to register for an ATT 250, why not try your luck?
But in case you’re not successful, you’ll lose a week of competition ...

Try to focus on a series of tournaments that are geographically close enough: you will experience less travel fatigue, and will also spend less money (the longer a trip, the more expensive it is).
As much as possible, prefer the tournaments in your country, the cost of the trip will be low and you will be more likely to have public support during the games.

Finally, before you sign up for a tournament, it’s always interesting to look at the % chances you have of being accepted. For this,
look at the details of the tournament entries in the lower part of the screen when you have selected the tournament in question.


Why do you learn languages?

By On 14/11/2021

In Absolute Tennis Manager, learning several languages can be very useful.
Indeed, each player in the game (players, coaches, trainers, ...) speaks his own languages. There are 27 in ATM.
When you start an SMS communication (in the Contacts/ Telephone directory menu or directly on the contact person’s card), you must master at a certain level one of the languages spoken by your contact person.

Repertoire telephonique
Otherwise, you will not be able to communicate with him/her.

To learn to speak a new language, go to the Activities menu, and choose 'Learn languages'.

Activite langue
At any time, you can consult the level of proficiency of your spoken languages in the 'Languages' menu.


What is a physioterapist for?

By On 13/11/2021

Having a physiotherapist on your staff can help you at several levels:
* It unlocks the 'Etirements' workshop in the 'Training' menu ('Warm-up' and 'Recovery')
- When planning these workshops during a training day, you will minimize the risk of injury (Warm-up) and reduce the duration of your injury if it occurs (Cool-down)
* It is a free care solution when you are injured
* Limits your risk of injury based on their competency
* Reduces the length of time your injury is unavailable based on its skill
* Accelerates your fitness after an injury based on skill

Change your cell plan

By On 13/11/2021

To change your cell plan, follow these steps :

* Go to Domain

* Click on the phone icon at the bottom

* Click on the 'Choose' button on the package of your choice

NB : A change of package entails additional costs


ATM Installation Procedure

By On 13/11/2021

Once you have clicked on the download link, click on the 'Download' button in the window:


Click on the 'Run Anyway' button if asked:

Fenetre windows 2'

Double-click the ATP_Setup.exe, the following window appears:

3 enregistrerfichier 1

Once the file is downloaded, unzip it, the folder must contain these 3 files:

Fichiers atm

First install the dll needed to communicate with the ATM database:

- Double-click SSCERuntime_x86-FRA.exe and then agree to install these dll’s. (These dll’s may already be present on your computer, in which case skip this step)

- Double-click SSCERuntime_x64-FRA.exe and then agree to install these dll’s. (These dll’s may already be present on your computer, in which case skip this step)

Double-Click ATM_Setup.exe to install Absolute Tennis Manager.

Select the installation language from the following window:

Installation choix de la langue

Select the installation folder (it is advisable to keep the default folder when possible):

Installation choix du dossier

When this window appears, the installation of Absolute Tennis Manager is complete :)

Installation fin ready to play