Manage your calendar well

thierry2607 By On 16/11/2021

There are several considerations when managing your annual calendar.

(First of all, of course, you don’t have to complete your calendar at the beginning of the year. You will always have the opportunity to register for a tournament 2 weeks before its Cut
(the Cut of a tournament is the date on which the registrations are stopped, and on which the organizers retain the best players registered in relation to the number of places available).

Then you can make the choice to take risks: imagine that your Technical Ranking is possibly enough for you to register for an ATT 250, why not try your luck?
But in case you’re not successful, you’ll lose a week of competition ...

Try to focus on a series of tournaments that are geographically close enough: you will experience less travel fatigue, and will also spend less money (the longer a trip, the more expensive it is).
As much as possible, prefer the tournaments in your country, the cost of the trip will be low and you will be more likely to have public support during the games.

Finally, before you sign up for a tournament, it’s always interesting to look at the % chances you have of being accepted. For this,
look at the details of the tournament entries in the lower part of the screen when you have selected the tournament in question.


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